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Kahzan 'Tribal Series' Cymbal Pack 14"/18"/20"

Kahzan 'Tribal Series' Cymbal Pack 14"/18"/20"

SKU: KP-TRIB3-141820
$1,199.00 Regular Price
$899.00Sale Price

The Kahzan "Tribal" Series Cymbals are "handmade" in China using an age old process dating back as far as 1100BC.

Current day artisans at Kahzan are dedicated to producing a quality cymbal product for today's market. They offer the varied sound characteristics found in modern cymbals utilising century old techniques.

The "Tribal" Series Cymbals provide a rich and full bodied, crisp and clean sound with great mid and low tones. Metal composition approx 78% copper, 20% tin and 2% trace elements.

The Kahzan KP-TRIB3-14/18/20 "Tribal" Series Cymbal Pack offers great value and includes the "Tribal" Series 14" HiHats, an 18" Crash Cymbal, a 20" Ride Cymbal and Bonus 10" Splash Cymbal and Carry Bag.

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