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The Performer Bundle is a studio set suitable for all creatives and musicians who need to soundtrack a live performance or make an audio recording of a more intimate studio session. The set consists of two EM-89D dynamic microphones, a ProFX6v3 six-channel mixer, MC-100 studio headphones and small accessories for maximum comfort during your recording sessions. All items in the set are design-matched, so in addition to quality sound, you'll get a great visual effect for your videos. You get everything at a fraction of the price, so you can use the leftover funds for paid advertising to make your videos as viral as possible.


A six-channel mixing console with two Onyx preamps and a GigFX sound engine. The sound can be adjusted with intuitive controls and a two-band EQ, and in addition to the two Combo XLR/Jack inputs, the console also features a Hi-Z input for direct guitar/bass connection, a stereo Jack input and a Line IN for a music player or mobile device. There is also a monitor output, main output, headphone output and footswitch input. The Mackie ProFX6v3 mixing console is a highly equipped device that will be a great partner for your sound production. Included in the package is a carrying case for safe transport. Included in the package are the popular DAW software ProTools and Waveform OEM.


Dynamic microphone featuring cardioid directional characteristics and rugged construction to bring you professional quality audio recording. The microphone is suitable for recording vocals, acoustic instruments or spoken word. It covers the entire frequency range with ease and your sound will still be crystal clear.


Mackie's MC Series closed-back headphones offer the professional sound associated with the brand in a comfortable circumaural design - the headphones wrap around the entire ear, isolating you from surrounding noise. The model is equipped with large-diameter transducers that feature very natural reproduction and accurate bass. The MC-250 features high headroom and a frequency curve tuned for detailed listening during mixing and mastering. The earcups and headband are padded with plush, ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic listening experience for hours. Of course, the foldable design means the headphones won't take up too much space in your backpack or bag.

And that's not all!

And to complete your equipment, you'll also find a 6.3 mm TRS jack reducer, 2x microphone holder, 2x XLR cable, 2x shipping case and the Waveform OEM™ software package.

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